20171 Season | 8 Eps x 12 - 17 minsSpanish - Subtitles: English

This production reveals the secret world of firefighter units, portraying extraordinary human stories that project the strong reality of emergencies and narrate shocking cases that will change the lives of many. They are amazing scenes with real images, interlaced with interviews, anecdotes and advice provided by experts, aimed at avoiding unnecessary risks and reducing the average number of emergencies attended annually by the Fire Stations.

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Director: Steven Gil
Producer: Luis Adolfo Gabuardi
Assistant Director: Jorge Guevara
Production Coordinator: Wendy Losada
Strategic Production: Gabriela Bruna
Director of Photography: Gabriel Solis
Direct Sound: Carlos Torres and Gabriela Rivas
Sound: Mary Rios
Sound Mix: Luigui Rodriguez
Editor: Francisco Contreras, Javier Segura, Víctor Vargas, Alejandro Mederas and Juan Pablo Castillo
Music: Luigui Rodriguez
Locution: Oscar Rodríguez
Producer Company: Memento Historias Visuales and The hook
Co Production: Benemerito Cuerpo de Bomberos de Costa Rica