2112 Welcome to the future

201284 minsNo Language

21|12 is a contemporary art piece that explores new media through film, print, sculpture, live performance and interaction. Is a work based on the principle of upgraded versions that get re-build every year. The piece is divided into 7 chapters of 12 minutes and each one corresponds to a day of the week and a chapter theme. The piece has no language. Is meant to be a catalyst for the spectator as a protagonist. Is said that there are as many versions of the movie as spectators that have seen it. Additionally, the movie was made 3D ready with the use of special prism lenses that makes the piece tridimensional without the need for special equipment besides the lenses themselves. Meaning that it can be seen 3D in regular TVs, Screens, Projections, Phones, Tablets, and others.

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Festivals and awards:

  • Costa Rica International Film Festival: Peace with Earth (CRFIC)


Director: Brian Brenes
Producer: Pilar Page
Executive Producer: Scarlett Solano and Marco Brenes.
Production Designer: Brian Brenes
Director of Photography: Brian Brenes
Screenplay: Brian Brenes
Editor: Brian Brenes
Music: Brian Brenes
Costume Designer: Brian Brenes