It is the year 2025, and Alejandro (Norval Calvo), tells his grandson Josué (Isaias Badilla) a story he is reading in a book about a singer and a dancer who fell in love in 1985, however love represents much more than only meet goals together, rather it has to do on how to control emotions and trust each other. Traveling to the Costa Rica of the 80s, Jazmine(Viviana Calderón) and Alejandro (Pablo Rodríguez) will take us on a path of love and dreams, which will later reveal Alejandro's insecurities when he realizes that Felipe (Mauricio Hoffmann), ex-boyfriend of Jasmine, is the one who helps her prosper in the world of music by opening his new recording studio. Returning to 2025, Josué will learn much more than a life lesson, he will receive an essential gift from his grandfather.

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