Endorsement Letter

 This letter serves to present as endorsement that the Film Commission is aware of the project and gives the guarantee that this filming will take place during the dates described in the territory of Costa Rica.

Temporary Equipment Import

This letter serve for the procedure of temporary importation of equipment to the country, it makes the entry of the equipment described in the oficial letter as temporary importation and avoids having to pay taxes, since the equipment will return for sure to its country of origin.


In case any member of the crew needs support to expedite visa issues.

 National Parks Filming Permit

 This procedure facilitates the application for filming permits in protected areas with the National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC), said entity requests an amount per filming day and said amount depends on the type of project.

COVID Filming


Costa Rica has had a Covid Protocol since August of last year, which promotes the safety of its crew while filming in our country.